Basic Soup

16 Feb

The best thing in the world is roasted chicken, but not everyone can (or should) attempt the roasting process in their own kitchen.

My kitchen is tiny. How tiny? Probably 12 square feet in total.

One snowy day last winter, I decided to try roasting a chicken myself, but, having a small kitchen (and by default, small cabinets) I had to try roasting the bird in a flimsy, disposable aluminum tray.

Let’s just say, that didn’t go so well…. The bird wasn’t even close to the goregousness of this beauty.

Since then, I have become a convert to the grocery store roasted chickens and I am astonished by the versatility of said birds (a love the good folk at Gothamist share).

My favorite way to ressurect a de-nuded bird for a second meal is to toss some aromatics in a pot and sautee them (garlic, onions, lemongrass, bacon (yes, bacon is an aromatic), mirpoix, whatever), add your leftover shreded chicken, water, and let ‘er rip!

It’s best to let it go for a few hours, it’s a great meal to cook while you’re home sick from work.

Once the broth has achieved a lovely flavor, it’s time to give it some personality.

Toss in some hominy, chiles, raw radishes, raw onions, top with oregano, and you’ve got a take on the mexican classic, pozole.

Add bean thread noodles, firm silken tofu, thai basil, minced bird chiles, a little lime juice and some coconut milk, and you’ve got a riff on tom yum soup.

The combinations are endless and in the weeks ahead, I will give more specific recipes for some amazing meals I’ve concoted out of store bought birds, and their bovine, porcine and poultry friends.


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