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The Joys Of A Gigantic Kitchen

21 Feb

I did the good daughter thing this weekend. I headed up the river and into the great white north where my mom was bored and stuck in the house with my ski-accident-ridden-step-father. I got her out of the house, took her shopping, but most importantly (to me), I took the burden of cooking off her shoulders! A huge, modern kitchen all to myself!

Saturday night was maple & apple braised pork tenderloin with braised garlicky kale and leftover Thanksgiving stuffing.
The pork was magnificent! The incredible crust and maple flavor came from allowing the pork to wallow in this amazing, local spice blend prior to braising in apple cider vinegar and some of the un-fermented stuff. (full recipes below)

Sunday night was the big night, with the whole family gathering at the old homestead to relax, watch curling, eat cheese (from the awesome local co-op) and drink tons and tons of wine (which, quite by chance just happened to be The Kitchen’s “wine of the week“!). Dinner was more pork. Mixed sausage & broccooli rabe with caramelized onions and mushrooms over whole wheat pasta. It was delicious, healthy, easy and got rave reviews all around!

Going home always seems so stressful at first, the train ride, the questioning parents, but in the end, it’s always lovely, relaxing and fun, especially when my mom lets me cook, or in the summer, join her in the gardening. But, enough of my musings, on to the recipes.

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