Guilty Pleasure Pasta (and a return to TV)

1 Mar

Yay! It’s March 1st!! Why you might ask, is this worth celebrating? Well, for me, it’s the end of the self-imposed, twenty-eight day long “holiday” of TV Free February. Yes, that’s right, I voluntarily removed myself from watching all TV (except NY1 in the mornings) at home.

Why on Earth would anyone do this to herself? Well, mainly because, sometime in January, I looked at my bulging book case and realised I hadn’t finished one “serious” book in the last 6 months. And why does this matter? I guess mainly because I consider myself an, at least somewhat, intelligent person. I have the degree to “prove” it, my mother is in mensa (and you’ve got to figure at least some of her genes got passed on to me) and well, I’ve always really enjoyed tackling the “difficult” books. And so it was under this misguided set of ideals, and with a slightly inflated ego, that I undertook TV Free February.

And might I say, this was no easy task.

I could watch TV at work (it’s part of my job), and I could watch TV at the local bar. I did cheat three times, but I also managed to complete one very “serious” novel. I cheated once for Puppy Bowl, once for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (do we see a theme here…?) and once because an episode of Project Runway was on and the boy wasn’t here to rain guilt down upon my head.

So, tonight I will break my self-imposed TV fast and re-enter the world of Law & Order re-runs, new episodes of Iron Chef America and my dearly, dearly missed Project Runway (thank you Gothamist for your weekly updates!). I will work my little tooshie off so that I can make it home in time to watch The Simpsons from my own armchair. I will revel in the geekiness that is Alton Brown, and if I’m a really, really good girl at work, just possibly, the re-run of Project Runway will be one I haven’t seen before.

And what does a TV deprived, self-proclaimed gastronomical geek eat while catching up on all her favorite televised dreck? Only the simplest, most personal, most guilty of guilty pleasures will do.

Elbow macaroni, coated in lots of butter and topped with salsa from a jar.

To quote my gastronomical idol, “Mmmm… Convenient

But lest you think I have not learned a thing in my 28 day long, self-imposed exile, I am still on track to complete two more serious novels by the end of March. That is, as long as I don’t get caught up in Top Chef.


One Response to “Guilty Pleasure Pasta (and a return to TV)”

  1. izzy's mama March 14, 2007 at 8:04 pm #

    It is possible to actually live without a t.v… I have been doing it for the past 3.5 years. I had to do it because my husband was a chronic clicker and I couldn’t take it. I didn’t want to raise Izzy with the continual hum of t.v. in the background. So the only solution was no t.v. at all. So sad because I am not an addict and would like to watch those Law and Order reruns and some occasional food t.v. I fantasize about having a tiny t.v. hidden in my cupboard so I can watch reruns of the Two Fat Ladies..

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