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Perfect Day, Perfect Dish

3 Apr

Saturday was perfect. The weather (despite a slight drizzle) was gorgeous in New York City, perfect for slowly and aimlessly wandering. We brunched at our favorite restaurant, browsed for books, went to a massive wine tasting and together created the perfect, no stress, delicious and easy Saturday night repast.

Ever since seeing this recipe, I’ve been trying to think of a variation I could make that would not contain quite as much citrus. While I adore lemons, the boy finds them a bit, well, annoying. I’ve been trying to bring him around to them… but, I’m really not trying all that hard. He recently realized he likes olives, and that’s enough for me. I can keep lemons for my own personal single-girl cooking nights. And wouldn’t you know it, but to replace the lemon in the sauce recipe, I chose olives. Funny that, no?

While the olives were delicious, as you can see, the sauce was a really funky color! That’s the problem with creamy sauces, sometimes, you really have to think about what you puree into the dairy. I suppose if I had used only green olives, it would have been a pretty, pale green, but, come on, who likes only green olives? They’re great, but, I prefer them in my martinis.

Inspired by SlashFood‘s recent Pantry Spring Cleaning series, I decided to delve into my secret stash of impulse pantry purchases and make a pilaf (say that 3 times fast!) as our side dish. The quinoa was purchased in January while I was atoning for my holiday season eating sins and the black lentils were a Trader Joe’s attempt at getting more legumes in my life.

I would have thought that with so many “super” foods in the pilaf it would have a grainy, icky texture (I don’t like pilaf very much generally, the mixed textures skeeve me out) but this was just perfect! The lentils were a fine base note for the slightly toothsome quinoa and the slippery, starchy orzo.

So, while the pictures are not perfect, the meal was, right down to the wine.

Head below the break for the recipes; Funky Chicken & Pantry Pilaf.

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