My Family And Our Funny Eggs

17 Apr

Happy belated bunny day to one and all!

I didn’t see the Easter bunny this year, but I did manage to scare the Easter woodchuck out of my mom’s garden. Someone’s got to protect her baby lettuces!

Our family dinner was a little thrown off, my nephew came down with some dread toddler disease last week, but finally pulled through in time for the whole family to join together on Saturday night for grilled steaks with Blizzard Tarrasto, asparagus vinaigrette, and yes, pickled red beet eggs!

It’s a good thing I was too lazy to make them myself because for the first time in eons my mom made up a batch. I’m convinced half the reason I didn’t end up making them is because I couldn’t find the proper container.

Apparently my memory is better than I thought, in fact, it seems to be multi-generational because my mother told me that one day I’ll be able to make them, but not until I inherit “the ancestral jar”. This jar has been used for making beet eggs since my great-grandmother’s days, and there ain’t another proper beet egg makin’ receptacle out there.

Phew, looks like I dodged a family bullet there! If you want the recipe, click here. If you want to look at more pretty spring pictures, you’re in luck. If you want to munch on chocolate bunnies, you’ll have to buy your own (I didn’t get any this year…)



By the way, these pretty litte green leaves that I was so taken with are called Lady’s Mantle. My mom said there’s an old wives tale that if a young lady gathers up all the water collected in the leaves after it rains and uses it to wash her face, that young lady’s face will never grow old. I wonder if my mom was trying to tell me something….


One Response to “My Family And Our Funny Eggs”

  1. Sher April 17, 2006 at 8:22 pm #

    Ooh, what pretty pictures! And I am so down with the pickled beets. I wanted to make myself some, but totally forgot. I do that a lot lately. hmmm.

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