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FFF: Rižot Dalmacija & Warm Salad Hvaranin

19 May

As I write this, two men are jackhammering the street below my window. Yes, I am very much back in New York City. But that doesn’t mean I have to suddenly start cooking hot dogs and eating pizza. No. I can keep eating, and begin cooking, like I’m still in Croatia. Fresh, local, light and tasty.

So with this new mantra I decided to tackle one of our favorite dishes from Split, Dalmatian Rice, for the Fabulous Favourites Festival (IMBB? 26 + WBW 21). The Caveman, an awesome Canadian wine blogger, and I decided to trade specialties for this event. I gave him a recipe, he gave me a wine. His suggested vin was Cuvée Marie, which of course, I could not find. Doh! So I settled on what I believe is a similar wine, the 2003 Chateau Jolys Jurançon Sec ($13.99). Sorry Caveman… I blame jetlag!
I ordered the rice in a restaurant on our first night in Split. I assumed it would be something like risotto. The boy assumed it would be black and white. I was right, he was wrong.

There are two things that makes this dish special: 1. Like most of the rižot we had in Croatia, it is not creamy and 2. most of it’s flavor comes from a healthy, healthy dose of raw garlic added at the end (and probably from the national “secret” ingredient as well). But neither man nor woman can live on rice alone, so I threw together a simple warm salad, inspired by our hostess on Hvar, of tomatoes, zucchini and ramps baked in the oven with some sole filets.

The wine was a revelation and ended up being a perfect pairing to this light, healthy, tasty meal. It’s bright acidity cut through the unctuous olive oil I used as a final flavor element to the dish, while it’s slight fruity sweetness acted as a lovely foil to the bright, slightly spicy raw garlic.

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