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People Drop By From Time To Time…

25 May

One of the fun features about the wordpress blogs (I’ve never used any other service so I don’t know if this is a common feature) is that they show you the search terms by which people arrived at your site.

Sometimes, they make sense, like when someone gets here by searching for “pollo mole verde.” But, one person also made it to that posting with this search term: “sandra lee” topless.

The name of my blog also seems to cause some strange dropins. Actually, they might be totally legit but the algorithims by which search engines operate cause people to string along some words that, in their minds probably make perfect sense, but since it’s my mind reading these terms, they become funny.

A few examples you say? Why, how could I deny you this joy…

my horses name is Granny

granny addiction

granny rides boy in park

cart like the old folks use to carry

ruby granny bang

And then there’s just a plethora of funny chicken searches. (Why are chickens so funny? And I thought the duck was the funniest animal…)

owning one chicken

picture of a chicken braid

Pictures of pheasant and chicken crosses

bovine chickens

chicken getting hit by car picture

purple chicken

sophisticated chicken picnic

(this is one of my favorites, can’t you just picture a bunch of chickens sitting around having a lovely picnic? One rooster says to another “Well, I say Nigel, but, do you think Esmerelda is fluffing her feathers a wee bit, wantonly?” oh man, this just cracks me up!)

Apparenly my posts can be a bit confusing too. I think (or at least I hope) this post Sausages And Sparrows lead to this term: cooking sparrows.

And well, we’re back at the Pollo for this term which, well, yeah, it kinda suits me to a tee: lazy chef requires rice cooker. Yep, that’s me!

There’s also the terms that come through that are, well, a little blue, and well, really make me wonder about my style of writing. Seriously, all these words exist somewhere on my site? Eep!!

i was topless with my boyfriend

lovely virgin teeny

sexy meal girl cut meat pictures

I hope I didn’t actually write any of those phrases!

And now finally, I’m going to leave you and head off into this goregous Memorial Day weekend with a lovely term. It’s a dream of mine to someday find one of these. Maybe, if they were really tiny, I could have one of these in my apartment:

tiny bunnies that don’t grow for sale

Yes people. Tiny bunnies. That don’t grow. That you can buy. Seriously person-that-searched-for-this-term… If you find these magical bunnies… PLEASE email me!!

Happy summer ya’ll!

By the way, the pictures have nothing to do with the post. They’re from our four hour tour of Vienna. They have cool signs in Vienna (I love the crosswalk one, the guy’s wearing a hat!). And this one over to the left? That’s a print I wish I could have bought, but, seeing as it was Sunday, the shop was closed. *sigh*