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Summer’s First Salad

31 May

While this weekend was the “unofficial” start of summer, a few things have happened that have made me realize that I don’t need Memorial Day to tell me when summer officially, or otherwise, starts. One of my barometer’s is the first cold shower. Check. That was Monday. The second milestone is the day I change from hot coffee to iced coffee. Check. That was yesterday. The last, and most important sign that summer is here also occurred yesterday and that was the making of summer’s first chopped salad.

The chopped salad, at least in my mind, is a celebration of bounty. There’s no greens (aside from some members of the chicory family), everything is cut small, and everything is hyper, hyper-fresh. Now, I admit that almost nothing that went into my salad last night was either seasonal or, most likely, local, but it is the thought process that counts. It was hot yesterday. Muggy, overcast, the AC at work was barely cutting it. We had the windows open and my high-maintenance boss made us close them (he can’t concentrate when there’s noise around). It was a slow, lazy day and all I could think of was the symphony that is a summer salad.

I see people all the time on blogs asking for recipes for salads. Seriously? You need a recipe for a salad? Oy vey… What is the world coming to when a person can’t just cruise through the produce aisle and say, “That looks fresh. That looks yummy. Oh man, look at those BERRIES!” purchase them, take them home, cut them up, toss them in a bowl and drizzle some oil and vinegar over them and sit down and pig out? Yes, I guess I’m a salad snob, but, seriously, they’re like, the easiest things to make in the world.

Either way though, all food snobbery aside, I highly encourage anyone looking for a fresh, summery, tasty-as-hell salad to try this one and then, please, improvise on it, add your favorite this or you favorite that, change proportions, substitute vegetables and fruits with abandon, and please, let me know how it goes!

Head below the break for the “recipe” for Summer’s First Salad and some other ideas on how to customize your own summer salad.
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