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An Indoor Clam Bake & The Bluefish Blues

8 Jun

Saturday, despite the torrential downpours, was Greenmarket day. Perhaps it was the wet atmosphere, but I decided it was fish day too. I cruised by the fish stand that’s usually sold out of everything by the time I arrive, but because of the rain (I guess) they had nearly everything still! I settled on some bluefish and 2 dozen little neck clams.

I had no idea what I was going to do with my piscine pretties, so I just wandered around and bought stuff that looked appealing. Green tomatoes. Itty bitty teeny weeny red, white and blue new potatoes. Green garlic. Green onions. Streaky, streaky bacon.

As I was scurrying about, dodging tourists, puppies and raindrops, I ran into the boy’s sister. She’s here for the summer doing an internship at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Her dorm is right on Union Square, so I guess I better get used to running into here while provisioning! But the thing about running into the little sister of your boyfriend who’s here in the most expensive city doing an internship for the summer while you’re buying stuff for a yumtastic dinner is that, well, you kinda have to ask her over to join in on the festivities (no matter how small your apartment is).

The boy was the one that made the official offer and asked if it was cool, and well, yes, it actually was totally cool because I had forgotten two key elements for dinner: 1. lemons and 2. white wine. She came over, she surfed the web, we laughed, drank some wine I realised I needed some canned corn. So off the boy went to the bodega while I tried to get the clams to purge their sand.

Finally I had everything I needed. I popped the vege into the oven to roast. Pulled it out, added the clams and bacon wrapped fish. Pulled that out and marveled at it’s indoors clam bake-y goodness!

The only bummer about this dinner is that the very next day I popped over to visit Megnut’s site (after meeting her at a lovely do held by Sam of Becks & Posh), and *whamo* see this post. Apparently it’s NOT okay to eat bluefish. Like, at all. Never. Bluefish are BAD for you. Full of PCBs, mercury and pesticides. To the point where the good folks at Oceans Alive say that even one serving a month is not recommended. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* Bluefish is a much maligned fish. It’s stinky, it’s oily, but I love it. I guess I’ll have to find a new “trash” fish to love. Maybe mackerel (stupid Times Select) will be my new go to fish.

Clams are the most beautiful, tasty bivalve out there (or maybe it’s just me). Either way, head below the clams for the recipe for the rainy day indoor clam bake (minus the bluefish).
Is it just me, or are clams the most beautiful, tasty seafood out there?

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