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The Queens’ Salad

21 Jun

My friend V likes to refer to herself as Queen V as she shares the name of one of England’s famous rulers. I too share a name with a former Queen of England (she of the lace) but, well, V got there first, so, I have to make do with sharing my nickname with a comic strip and musical heroine. Sigh. No matter though since every woman is Queen of her domain, it doesn’t really matter who gets the cooler nickname… I mean, that’s so junior high!

As I’ve mentioned before, QV has quite the way with all things piscine. While we were all up in Vermont, she introduced me to her wonderful tuna pasta salad. Now, if you’re anything like the boy, you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, “There is NOTHING wonderful about tuna salad.” And, you’d have every right to say that. It seems a lot of people had very early, truly traumatizing run ins with tuna in childhood. But, if you like say, tuna melts, or even salad nicoise, please give this salad (or your own variation) a spin. It’s easy as heck, light, healthy and darn tootin’ tasty.

As I was telling QV I had made her salad she sorta looked blankly at me and said “That’s not my salad anymore, that’s your salad now!” So, now I hand it off to all of you, to make it your salad (feel free to keep calling it the Queens’ Salad however).

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