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Goats, Peas & Cheese

27 Jun

I was really looking forward to Friday night last week. Not for the reasons you’d probably think. No clubbing, no partying, actually, no, well, nothing. Yeah, the boy was going to play poker and my big plans were to cook something delicious, open a fabulous bottle of wine and sit on my butt and watch crap TV.

Doesn’t it just suck when life feels the need to mess with your plans? I was exhausted when I was finally able to leave work, it was 98% humidity, getting dark and ominously stormy. Rather than further abusing my already bruised brain, wasting time waiting in a line and lugging around heavy bags on the 2 mile walk home in the rain I decided it was time to have a little faith in my pantry.

This is what the pantry coughed up: Peas, orzo, garlic, vegeta, lemon juice, olive oil, and yes, leftover cheese (this time of the herbed goat and Parmesan varieties). Yeah, I could work with that!

I remembered being intrigued by a method of cooking pasta “risotto” style that was everywhere, but, rather than staring at a computer screen for the umpteenth hour of the day, I figured I could wing it, I mean, I can make some pretty serious risotto, how hard could it be?

The answer? Not hard at all, and insanely delicious!

I started with a glug of olive oil, some garlic (and yes, I was so tired, I used a garlic press), cooked off the rawness, added a few handfuls of orzo, cooked until they gave off a slightly nutty aroma, tossed in about a 1/4 cup lemon juice, stirred everything around just to be sure the orzos were absorbing properly and then just barely covered them with warm water, added a healthy pinch of vegeta, cranked the heat down to barely there, covered, and then headed to the wine rack to ponder my choices.

About 7 (or so) minutes later, I peeked under the lid, decided the little guys needed a stir and some more liquid and some peas. In they all went, on went the lid and I went back to contemplating my toes (there was noooothing on TV). Two more minutes, one final stir.

Goat cheese goes in bowl, orzo goes on top of cheese, more cheese goes on top of orzo, stir, sit down, relax, forget the day ever happened, watch Pride & Prejudice.

Yes, what started off an ominous evening was saved by leftover cheese and Mr. Darcy. Thank you Jane Austen!