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My Technicolor Weekend

5 Jul

When the NYSE throws a four day weekend your way, it behooves oneself to enjoy it thoroughly! (Yes, I do realise that the weekend was supposed to be about patriotism and revolution and stuff, but, if the exchange’s board members hadn’t decided to close early on Monday, I would have been at my desk and quite cranky).

So, did we enjoy ourselves? Oh yes! Walks were taken despite the horrific heat and humidity. Football was watched. Shopping was done. Relatives were entertained. And of course, food was consumed.

Backyard Barbecue In Brooklyn.

Bison sausages. Jalapeno sauerkraut. Goodies from the new Fairway. Little neck clams. Delicious dill & fennel slaw. Cheese (natch). Grilled baby carrots and a savory cherry salad (recipe below). It was a feast fit for a hungry clan, not just the four of us, but through our valiant efforts I feel we came out victorious over the delectable dishes. And I think we made another bevanda (or whatever you want to call it) convert, too.

Sunday’s Simple Salad.

I woke up on Sunday craving tacos. Not just any tacos, my very favorite tacos in the whole world. But alas, they are gone. They used to reside on 5th Ave. in Brooklyn between 10th & 11th streets at the back of a wedding cake shop, but, no longer. I am very sad. So, to cheer myself up I romped through Target and cruised the Tompkin’s Square Green Market. Happily squashes are back in force as are funny, tender little root vegetables. Ain’t summer grand? Despite the heat the squash needed to be grilled. My grill pan made the apartment hot and a little smokey, but the results were undeniably, deliciously perfect. This is a must-try recipe (find it below the jump).

Hosting Made Simple.

Thankfully, my second trip to Brooklyn for a remembered culinary craving went better than the previous days. The Vietnamese joint was right where I remembered it in Bay Ridge and the fried squid with garlic sauce was just as insanely good. And then, just to make the day even better, we went out for tacos! The boys sister #2 was in town for a visit. We needed to feed her, but the apartment is waaaay too small for four people to eat in, so, we settled upon serving dessert at home only, and not just any dessert, ricotta gelato from a local favorite, il Laboratori del Gelato! The things I learned from this experience are: Mercadito should have more offerings with huitlacoche on their menu, rosé doesn’t pair very well with cheese ice cream, and four people is the absolute MAX my apartment should ever hold!

Chillin’ On The Fourth

With grilling out of the way, entertaining out of the way and serious recipe crafting out of the way, there was nothing left to do on the Fourth but relax. We had an invitation to head over to Red Hook for a party, but, after three straight days of traveling to the County of Kings, it was time to keep it local and low key. Cheese from our new favorite cheese joint and a very low key take on one of my favorite dishes in the whole world: choucroute. I took some of the jalapeno sauerkraut, placed it in a pot and put some of the leftover bison keilbasa on top, put the lid on, set the flame to super low and let it all steam and blend for about 30 minutes. It was delicious, easy as pie and all American (well, except for the bottle of South African rosé… oops!) After dinner we ambled down Houston, found a decent place to watch the fireworks, oohed, aahed, then headed home to contemplate the end of a very good weekend.

I hope it was excellent for all of you too!

Head below the jump for some very simple summer salads.

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