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A Pumpkin Grew In Manhattan (& A Geekalicious Poem)

16 Jul

Update: Well, I changed the title of this post because on my walk home tonight I discovered that this game little gourd has lost his battle to grow and has been removed.  God speed little gourd!  Oh, and I had the street wrong, it was on 11th, not 10th.

At least I think this is a pumpkin, growing out of a wall on E. 11th St between 3rd & 4th Avenues (near the awfulness of awfuls, Webster Hall, for those in the City).

I noticed it first while walking home from work one night last week, but I was too tired and cranky to stop and really look at it.

Look, there’s even a bud on it!

I promise I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it’s allowed to fruit. Anyone who knows more about squashes want to provide a positive identification?

And here’s a funny poem I found on a total tech geek site called The Secret Life Of Steve Jobs, Aged 51 1/2.

sometimes i feel like a great chef

sometimes i feel like a great chef
who has devoted his entire life
to monastic study of the art of cooking
& gathered the finest ingredients
& built the most advanced kitchen
& prepared the most exquisite meal
so perfect so delicious so extraordinary
more astounding than any meal ever created
in the history of the planet;
and each day i stand in my window
and watch ninety-seven percent of the world
walk past my restaurant
into the mcdonald’s
across the street.

The rest of this site is truly hilarious as well, but I guess only if you’re forced to follow seriously geeky tech news day in and day out (like I am from time to time).

I also really appreciate this writers’ characterization of Steve Ballmer as Uncle Fester. Good, clean, geektastic fun!