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People Drop By From Time To Time… Part 2

7 Aug

People are funny… They search for the strangest things, and sometimes in their searching they make it here to my humble little blog. Sometimes the terms they use to get here make me wish they had never stopped by, but other times, they make me laugh my little patookis off.

I decided its been a long time since we last checked in with the interweb searchings that lead folk to the Granny Cart… So without further ado I present to you…

Curious Cooking Queries.

a simple explanation of making cheese (well, yes, I think we’d all enjoy that!)

leech my beet (shiver)

our ham comes from chicken sign

chicken soup sick -soul (those stupid books really have fouled up simple recipe searches)

cucumber and gin soup (yes, please!)

show me all croatian food recipes

roast a whole hog with sauerkraut stuffing (nummy)

recipe containing macaroni and cheese (hmm… I wonder…)

chicken lobster (hmmm… actually, I don’t quite know what I think of this one…)

jumping squid salad (no, thank you, I’ll pass)

boys should not cook (sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t)

pasta ending in i (actually, wouldn’t this query work better as “pasta that doesn’t end in i?)

Ah, The Barnyard.

mind reading chicken (this scares me a bit)

recipes for stopping bloating on goats

chicken crosswalk signs (lol)

homemade poison to kill woodchucks (if anyone actually has this, my mother would love you forever!)

raw goat milk sinus infection

hard bunnies (this also scares me)

The Funny, The Famous & The Frightening.

creative clevage (for some reason I can’t help but think this had something to do with Giada DeLaurentis)

between oven space and counter (in my kitchen, not much)

alton brown inflated ego (hehehehehehe)

chicken snack imagination lady (wha?)

homemade walk in cooler (yes please!)

granny goose tortillas (wha?)

can dalmatian puppy eat butter and bread (I see no reason why not)

“chez panisse” +”steve jobs” (I guess even he has to eat)

poem about food in a pantry (I bet that’s a pretty cute poem)
As usual, the photos have absolutely nothing to do with this post. They’re from our recent trip up to the Adirondacks. Pretty isn’t it? More to come on the trip (and most importantly the food) at a later date.