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Clam Clam Clam Clam

21 Aug

Lovely Claaaaam! Woonderful Claaaaaam!

Sorry, woke up with a craving for some Spam. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here).

I love clams almost as much as I love stupid Monty Python sketches (Helloooo Polly!), and that’s a lot!

I love steamers. They’re the Graham Chapman of the clam world.

I also love the funny two-necked Adriatic clams we had in Croatia. They’re the Michael Palin of the clam world.

But my very favorite clam is the Little Neck. They’re the John Cleese of the clam world for sure!

My very favorite place to get my very favorite clams is at the Union Square Greenmarket, but it’s never easy. The stand on the west side of the park often sells out very early on Saturdays, a day I tend to be rather lazy.

So when the planets align and I do manage to get my paws on some Clammity Claaams! Wonderful Claaaams! I get rather happy schmappy.

The last time this happened I brought my Little Necks home, purged them and then threw them in the oven to roast. When they were all nice and bacony (clams are the bacon of the sea) I pulled them out of their shells and added them at the very last minute to a lovely risotto. Good times people, good times!

I was happy as a clam.

Head below the jump for John Cleese Risotto.
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