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Q·E·2: The Rooster’s Chicken

28 Sep

I sometimes call myself The Head Hen. Why? Well, it’s nicer than calling myself The Granny (I’m only in my early 30s!), or The Chicken In The Cart (though that is my gmail alias). And why not just call myself Ann? Eh, who knows… Sometimes I call myself Simone too, like at places where I have to call a large coffee a venti, ya know? It all just seems so pretentious, why not play along with their game? (Some people do it for other reasons).

Everyone needs an alter-ego. I can picture my hen-ness as being all chic (kinda like this beauty from Ct) and urban, not at all Chicken Run biddy-like. Either way, if I’m The Head Hen, then I guess that makes the boy The Rooster.

This past Sunday we went out to Ikea. Here in NYC there’s no close one. The nearest one is out in New Jersey across the Turnpike from Newark Airport. Since most New Yorkers don’t own cars, or even have access to them, those crafty Swedes run a free bus to and from their emporium of all things cheap and Scandinavian.

I just love Ikea, especially that particular one. I love to cruise through the furniture, work up an appetite, pop into the cafe to get some Swedish meatballs and their delicious lingonberry sauce, sit at one of the window tables and watch the planes take off and land at Newark. I let my mind wander… I wonder where that plane’s going? Where did those lucky people just get back from… I hate flying, but I love planes. Go figure.

We picked up some new storage vessels, rugs and other fun stuff and then hopped back on the bus.

Of course it was time to talk about dinner. I had bought some la ratte potatoes earlier in the week,intending them for salt potatoes, and there were some Brussels sprouts leftover from the velouté. We decided that it would be fun to roast them with some of Dines Farms astoundingly good boneless chicken thighs.

It took a little longer than I thought it would, but OH! was it worth it! This dish entirely embodies the idea of a Q·E·2: Quick. Easy. For 2. dinner. Couldn’t be easier, was concocted entirely out of what was at hand and required almost no effort.

The Rooster has declared this “The Best Thing I’ve Ever Cooked” (I wonder if he’s already forgotten about the harissa glazed lamb).

The Brussels sprouts went all gooey and caramely. The la ratte potatoes are silky, waxy and buttery, and the chicken? Well, when it’s Dines’ its always perfect.

So, even though it sounds a little weird, I hereby dub this dish The Rooster’s Chicken. Can’t wait to chow down on the leftovers tonight!

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