An Estimable Eater

5 Oct

R.W. Apple Jr. died yesterday. He was an incredible writer and a giant among journalists. If you haven’t read any of his works on food or the world, check out his archive at The Times. Apparently he was still working, even while on his deathbed. The Times published a story of his yesterday on the 10 restaurants worth getting on a plane for.

While I’ve never been to any of these restaurants, I did get on a plane because of an article Mr. Apple wrote.
When I was in 10th grade my mother and I went to Italy. One evening we stood with our feet in the Adriatic and I asked her what those lights were across the water and she said the Dalmatian Coast. My young brain, slightly fuzzy from a glass of wine and a sip of grappa, enjoyed this thought of spotted dogs frolicking in the Adriatic’s clear, foamy surf. That day I swore I would go there and see it, and then I promptly forgot.

It was reading this article on the glories of Dubrovnik two years ago that reminded me of the promise my teenage self had made to my 30-something self, and so a mania was born. I finally got to go this past May and everything Mr. Apple said was true.

I will miss getting travel advice from him, but at least there’s his massive archive to keep me busy.


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