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The Risotto We Ate

12 Oct

Truffle-Scented Mushroom Risotto

Lest you think we ate nothing all weekend but turkey sandwiches while waiting for some lethargic beans to get their beanie little butts in gear and cook, I’m here to waylay your concerns. In fact on Saturday night, while I was making the stock, we ate like Tuscan nobles.

Truffle-scented-mushroom-risotto-eating-Tuscan-nobles to be exact.

No, I haven’t suddenly become independently wealthy, I just finally took a piece of advice offered months ago and bought myself some truffle salt at Kalustyan’s. This salt is pure truffle goodness. It bears no resemblance to the weak, oftentimes sickly, truffle flavor offered up by truffle oils and carries a headier aroma than a bottled truffle purée.

This stuff is pure gold.

If you love truffles, get some for yourself for a birthday present, or an anniversary present, or heck, just because it’s Wednesday and you’ve lived through the first half of another painful week at work. Concoct whatever silly reason you need to and treat yourself. You can thank me later…

But I digress. To showcase my new culinary treasure I wanted a gentle, yet earthy, blank slate upon which it could feel free to romp in all its truffley glory. I decided upon a very simple risotto with garlic, white wine, olive oil and a wee glug of porcini & truffle scented olive oil I got a while ago (for some reason the porcini balances the truffle aroma and makes it far more palatable to my sniffer) and finished with some butter. In a separate pan I sautéed some crimini mushrooms with garlic, olive oil, white wine and parsley until silky smooth and slightly caramelized.

Instead of integrating the two I served the mushrooms over the risotto garnished with the precious grains of truffle salt. It was tempting to use more than just a pinch or two, but the aroma was so pure and strong it proved completely unnecessary.

And what next for my new favorite chloride? Maybe some simple scrambled eggs (because eggs love truffles). Or maybe an Austrian knoblauchcremesuppe? But what I’d really love to make is a classic baked macaroni & cheese. Yeah. I think that’s it!

Head below the jump for the recipe for Truffle-Scented Mushroom Risotto.

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