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Hey Mac, Say Hello To My Little Friend Sprout…

20 Oct

Toast & butter. Chocolate & peanut butter. Wine & cheese. Spaghetti & meatballs. Turkey & stuffing. Pork & apples. Steak & potatoes. Coffee & donuts.

There are countless perfect culinary combinations. Like Shaggy & Scooby, they stand alone as a classic duo, there’s no need for a third wheel like hyper-annoying Scrappy-doo.

And yet sometimes, a new twist on a classic actually works. Say, a new way of thinking about mac & cheese? Heresy you say? Allow me to explain.

roasty, cheesy

First there was the simplest Mac & Cheese, and there were leftovers.

Then there was the the Rogue Sprout and his roasted vegetable brethren, and there were leftovers.

There wasn’t enough of either to make a meal, so the boy suggested combining them and heating them up together.

roasted vege& mac & cheeseCulinary heresy? Mad dining genius? I’m going with the latter.

The mac got crustier, the vegetables got roastier and cheesier. Combined they felt as if they had taken one step above the simple comfort food plateau.
Do I think this combination will catch on?

Mac & cheese & roasted vegetables?

Nah. Too long, too complicated a name. Let’s just keep this one a secret amongst ourselves.

Now if only they’d done the same with Scrappy…