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Inspiration & Laziness

24 Oct

It’s so easy to be inspired by the autumnal weather we’re having here in New York.

october leaves

Crisp, bright, crystalline blue, eye-popping oranges everywhere, deep velvety nights, opalescent moons. Ah, October.

st. mark'sApparently it’s also really easy to be lazy.

I’ve been spending my days lolling about on the couch, toddling about the city and oversleeping on workdays.

My computer must feel the same way as he’s been really loathe to do anything. Process words? Upload photos?  I always get a weak little, “meh,” out of him as his chips start lazily grinding away.

So, apologies for this truncated post.

I’ll be back later this evening to explain what this bowl of liquid love consists of, but please, feel free to try and guess in the meantime!


Oh, and here’s a hint.


Oh, and I just realized according to the little stats counter over on the side of this page that I’ve crossed the 20,000 visitors mark. Thank you to everyone that’s stopped by!! You’ve made the last couple of months a total blast!