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Danke. Merci. Hvala. Grazie. Obrigado. Gracias. Cheers.

28 Nov

I’d like to give thanks.

Dr. Frank Konstantin 1999 Sparkling Brut Champagne

Thank you to my mother, who for the first time in my 30-odd years on earth, suggested I relax and spend Thanksgiving in the City. I’d like to say thank you to Whole Foods for being open until 4pm on Thanksgiving day so I could sleep in and watch the parade. Thank you to NBC for airing a dog show after the parade. And finally, thank you to the boy for making a wicked pomme purée.

And it wasn’t just any old mashed potatoes. It was a purée of beautiful yellow creamers and celeriac with goat’s milk and goat’s butter, a riff on one of the ugliest and yet most delicious comfort foods I’ve ever come across, Chartreuse Mash. Goat’s milk and butter differ from cow’s milk and butter in exactly the same way their cheeses do. There’s a distinct goatiness, that if you love, you love. If you’re a lover, I implore you to run out and get some goat goods and make either of these purées. The silky spuds are the perfect vehicle for the tangy, earthy, herby, goaty aromas and flavors.

Chevre Pomme Puree

What was my contribution to the meal you ask? I had to have stuffing. Straight from the bag, slightly doctored and baked in the oven, stuffing. Absolutely, hands down, no questions asked, unequivocally my favorite holiday side dish ever. My mom starts with some celery and an onion, to that I added some brown clamshell mushrooms, a medley of dried berries (golden raisins, cherries, blueberries and cranberries), sage, the stuffing mix and some chicken stock. Mix, mix, mix and then layer into a baking dish, covered with foil, to bake for as long as need be. The crustier the better!

mmmmm... stuffing

But of course, no matter how low key a day is, two people cannot live on side dishes alone. What was our entree you ask? Well, it wasn’t turkey. In fact, it wasn’t a fowl at all. No, we had clams & cod. Adapted from the Stonewall Kitchen and baked in the oven with some lemon and bread crumbs, it was simple, clean, and to be honest, probably something closer to what the pilgrims actually ate all those many years ago.

Thanksgiving Clams & Cod

And finally, having thanked family, boyfriend and corporate conglomerates, I’d like to thank you guys, my readers and blog friends, and wish you all very happy holidays to come (and maybe, one year, a Thanksgiving full of relaxation, too).