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Le Borscht Noël Est Arrivé!

6 Dec

Oh joyous day!

Veselka Christmas Borscht

Christmas Borscht has arrived at Veselka for it’s once yearly appearance!

Just like I said way back during the dog days of August, for the last week or so my walk home has been a little less ambling. It’s had more purpose. Every night it has taken me to the southeast corner of 2nd Avenue and East 9th Street. Finally tonight, it was fruitful.

This is my Number 1 Thing To Eat Before You Die. So, New Yorkers, I implore you, if you have any room in your heart for beets, a wee frosting of dill and luscious mushroom dumplings, today’s your day! Get out there! Call for delivery! Or stop by and bring some home for someone you love.

Veselka Christmas Borscht

As the sign over the counter says, “Only 19 More Borscht Days ‘Til Christmas!”

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