Angels In The Belfry

14 Dec

St. Mark's In The Bowery

St. Mark’s-In-The-Bowery is, according to One Thousand New York Buildings, the second-oldest church on Manhattan. It sits on the corner of 2nd Ave and E 10th St. near Stuyvesant Street, the only street on the island that actually runs on an east-west axis.

Good old Peter Stuyvesant’s own personal chapel once stood at this location, and the old codger is buried here himself, as are many members of his family. I guess this used to be a very fashionable church, but these days you’re more likely to see gawking tourists or sad homeless men loitering about than an actual congregant.

St. Mark's In The Bowery

Regardless, I love to sit on one of the park benches in the plaza in front of the church and soak up the sun while sipping coffee on a beautiful, sunny Sunday.


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