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Simple Things

8 Jan

Sunny, high of 70°F.

The forecast for San Francisco on a miracle day? No.

Cool building

A perfect August day in London? No

Inwood Tudors

Try January 6th, 2007 in New York City.

Big Bridge, Little Bridge

New York City?

Lights on 13th St.

Yeop. I told you we’re having an odd winter here!

It was nice, but flukey, a good day for a walk. A very long walk up in the Heights. A walk so long that I think I hurt myself and had to have a dose of delivery Mexican food administered stat!

Sunday was closer to normal and taken at a more leisurely pace, a pace that included Pompe à l’Huile, Provençal sweet olive oil bread. And get this, I had to knead it (I think that might be why it’s so ugly). The recipe came from the December issue of Saveur and is supposed to be made for Christmas.

Pompe a l'Huile

Well, better late than never I say. This is a lovely, simple, addictively delicious loaf. The boy and I both agree that it has something in common with a scone, but with olive oil taking the place of butter. It went far better with a simple cuppa than with the Mediterranean stew I made to go with it (I didn’t think it was going to be quite as sweet as it is).

Pompe a l'Huile

My loaf also didn’t knead very well, hence it’s lack of a nice, even glossy crust, and I think I know why. I ran out of AP flour and had to replace the last 3/4 cup with white whole wheat. I know, I know… All you real bakers out there are shaking your head in shame at me… But, but! At least I tried!!! And it still tasted good! Sometimes the best tomatoes are the ugliest! Why can’t it be so with bread as well?

Provencale Stew

I hope I’ve convinced you. It really is a delicious bread. And to make up for it, head below the jump for my utterly gorgeous Provençal Stew a la Ann.

Provencale Stew

You know the drill, head below for the recipes for Pompe à l’Huile and Provençal Stew a la Ann.

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