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Tres Porkies

11 Jan

After my marathon with The Madame, I needed a break. And so on the first day of 2007, I lazed, loafed and lolled.

Ever since the boy and I met, we’ve had a New Year’s Day tradition of walking up the Hudson River Park from Soho to the Meatpacking District and then down into the Village for fish & chips. But this year, it was cold, drizzly and very, very gray. It was a comfortable day, a day to keep oneself close to home.


And so, rather than walking through the rain, we decided to saunter over to ‘inoteca (writing about farro had given me a craving). I think I actually managed to have a different panini (the one with soppressatta, highly recommended).

St. Bridgid's

It seemed wrong not to walk, even just a little bit, so we headed over to Tompkins Square. It was so quiet, and empty and really, to be honest, romantic, that it felt like some beautiful, secret Parisian park that no one else in the world knows about.

Click Me.

No junkies, no dirty hippies, no yuppies with their double-wide bugaboos, just us and the rain. Peaceful.

Click Me.

But the rain began to intensify, and so we turned towards home, where I proceeded to lounge, laze, loaf and loll reading my new guilty pleasure while the boy made soup. This should be an heirloom·modern recipe, but as I didn’t make it, I can’t honestly be sure as to the recipe. It was adapted from Recipe 8 of Polish Cookery, Sauerkraut Soup, and featured a very large, prehistoric-looking ham hock that was an impulse purchase (who impulse purchases ham hocks?) and the leftover ham and bacon from The Madame’s Sauce.

Polish Cabbage Soup

The meat on the ham hock was so insanely delicious by the end of the soup’s cooking time, that we decided to save it rather than to shred it and add it to the soup. However, no Polish soup is ever done until there’s pork in it, so we added the rest of the cured, unsmoked ham that provided The Madame’s Sauce with its Essence Of Pork at the very end.

And what did we do with the ham hock? Sandwiches of course!

Ham Hock Sandwich

But then there was leftover sauerkraut. So what did we do with the kraut? Soup of course!

Sauerkraut Tomato Soup

Just a version of The Eldress’ Tomato Bisque with a little extra sugar to offset the sourness of the leftover kraut which I tossed in at the end to heat through, just before adding the milk. The milk curdled ever so slightly from the acids in the soup, but it was fine really and didn’t effect the flavor at all (in fact, it reminded me of The Designer’s Cold Tomato Soup where the milk was intentionally curdled).

And so, the circle of soup comes full circle. It was a wonderful way to start 2007. I hope everyone who reads this gets at least one day this year that’s as full of peace and laziness.