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Spring Break

13 Apr

The stove has been cold here at Granny Cart HQ.

Home, Home

Between a bout with the late season flu and Easter at the parents’ house where I wasn’t allowed to lift a finger to help with dinner, I haven’t actually cooked anything in the last two weeks.

And so I’m going to take this opportunity to take a little break, relax, focus on my other blog and have more time to bop around the Internet and spend some time reading everyone else’s kitchen musings.

If you really need a fix, I’ll be updating Here Is New York a couple of times between now and next week.

I hope to see you around town.

*** update ***

Thanks to Rebecca, who’s obviously better at this whole self-promotion thing than I am, I’m here to give you one more source with which you may burn your hours while stuck at work.


This amazing new web-based food magazine is really hitting it’s stride.

They’ve done interviews with Marion Nestle & Deborah Madison.

They’ve got a whole host of fun images they use for their news digest designed by my favorite Spanish foodblogger, Lobstersquad.

Their editors & columnists offer straightforward, helpful advice.

Oh, and they did a feature on little old me and fellow Five Boroughs food lover Yvo (The Feisty Foodie).

The interview is a few months old by now, but, eh, who cares!

As they say in the ad world, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.”

So, thanks Culinate, and welcome to all new readers!

I’ll be back next week with fabulous new recipes and tales of life in the Big Apple.