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Hen’s Teeth

16 Apr

Yesterday was a rare day.

In case it hasn’t been reported in your neck of the woods, it rained here in New York City. A lot. I mean, a lot a lot. Like the most in 100 years a lot. Like subways stopped running a lot. Like the only sane way to pass the day was inside a lot.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

We had provisioned well on Saturday at the Greenmarket. It was such a lovely day. Warm, sunny, springy. It didn’t seem possible the meteorologists could be right.

But they were.

So the boy and I did a rare thing for a Sunday, we kept it close to home, only venturing out for some Mexican food and a few forgotten provisions. He kept himself busy with a book and the crossword (it was a tough one yesterday) and I spent the day puttering in the kitchen.


The main object of my puttering was to master a new loaf from my new book (a gift from the boy). I had my heart set on the Pugliese loaf featured on the cover, but my brain decided that sleeping in was far more important than starting a poolish, so I had to make due with a different bread (more on that later).

But the secondary focus of my puttering is the main focus of today’s entry, because it too was a very rare activity.

I baked a batch of cookies. And not just any cookies. These are the Aishwaraya Rai of cookies.

Bollywood Cookies

And why is baking cookies a rare event? Because it’s an activity I haven’t indulged in since high school. No lie.

The genesis of these cookies is a real he-said/she-said merry go round of blogginess.

She said, “I don’t keep garam masala around.”

He said, “But you should, it lends grand flavor to cookies.”

She said, to paraphrase, “Pshaw! Now these I must try!”

He said, “Then dear lady, I shall give you cookies. Here are your cookies and your recipe, try them at will!”

But, being me, and being a bad baker, my cookies are, of course, different from TerryB‘s.

Bollywood Cookies

I had no vanilla, and there was no way I was going back out there to get some (I had just come back from the brown sugar mission that had soaked me to the core).

I also had no regular sugar (see above for why I had to make do). I had a wee bit of turbinado leftover from a long ago apple pie project, and about a dozen packets of Sugar In The Raw which had to stand in.

Oh and I don’t have an electric mixer, so I had to beat the butter by hand, no easy task, I can assure you of that.

But I also had a wee bag of crystalized ginger my mom had given me in my Easter basket, (yes I still get one, don’t you?) that I chopped up fine and tossed into the mix.

Oh and my batch only yielded 16 cookies because I only own one baking sheet and decided to make each one really big so I didn’t have to make two batches. Lazy ain’t I?

Bollywood Cookies

All changes aside, these are some ridiculously good cookies. Smoldering, exotic, a little hot, very sweet, crunchy and impossibly good.

I can’t wait to take them into work.

I never get to be that person, the one that plies her co-workers with sweets to ensure their undying love and eternal respect.

Bollywood Cookies

Oh, you mean, that’s not normal?

I’m just supposed to bring them in to make people happy?

Where’s the fun in that?

Head below the jump for Ann’s Bollywood Cookies.

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