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That’ll Do

15 May

I remember reading a piece in the New York Times a few years ago about happiness and stuff and things.

I like to be happy. I also like stuff and things, I won’t lie. I love shoes, and books, and marbles but like most people, if I’m remembering this article correctly, the things I think will make me happiest don’t always do so.


Those new flip flops I was so anticipating because I thought they’d make me look like I just got back from the Capri? They actually make me miserable. They hurt like a sonofabitch.

But I have discovered one reliable source of consumerist happiness, Tamarack Hollow Farm. I love to swing by their stand on Wednesdays at the Greenmarket and impulse purchase pork.


I’ve only done it twice now and the joy is undeniable. Unlike a car which soon becomes a money pit, a pork shoulder or a couple of chops provides happiness that lasts a few days, culminating in an intense sense of well-being.

First there’s the purchasing. Who doesn’t like buying stuff? Then there’s the plotting and planning. What should I do with my pork? Thirdly there’s the concocting. Will the marinade actually add flavor? Is that relish really necessary? And finally there’s the cooking and eating. Does it taste as good as I thought it would?

So far I’m two for two on the last question, which makes me, well, happy!

Pepi Relish

My most recent impulse purchase pork, a pair of chops, got an 8 hour marinade in some Chinotto, the brine of Rick’s Picks Pepi Pep Peps and some secret herbs and spices (Yes I use pre-made spice blends sometimes. I’m not a saint! And my mom knows the guy that makes them. And they’re awesome.) before being lightly dusted with flour and fried in a little olive oil.

Chinotto Chops

I made up a quick relish from the Pepi Pep Peps and mashed some potatoes and rainbow chard. It was a simple, hearty, unpretentious finger-lickin’ good dinner. So good in fact I’ve been made to promise not to impulse purchase any more pork for a month. We’ve been eating too well!

Chard Mash

While this promise makes me a bit sad, it won’t be that hard to keep. We’re heading out of town on Friday for a very well-earned vacation. We’re heading into the sunset, westward into the Rockies; Colorado Springs, Ridgway, Denver and Boulder.

Are there any must see places that you guys would care to recommend? Must eat delicacies? Must hike trails? Any suggestions for all things dorky, artsy and foodie would be greatly appreciated!

I may be able to blog from the road, but just in case I can’t or I decide I don’t want to, I’m still trying to hunt down some guest bloggers for while we’re gone.

I’d bring back the rabbits, but, well, we ate them.

Head below the jump for the recipes for Chinotto Chops, Chard Mash and Pepi Relish.

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