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8 Jul

I’ve got two horticultural mysteries that need solving. I’m flummoxed. So I turn them over to you guys!

Black Fred

Yesterday was the first day of the Sunset Park greenmarket on 4th Avenue at 59th Street.

This is a greenmarket aimed directly at the community. No shishi cheeses or froufrou produce here. Just simple, beautiful, freshly picked greens, veggies, fruits and herbs that can be bought with cash or food stamps. We talked to the market manager, a cool woman who thankfully can say cebolla in a way that gets across to the farmer that I’m looking for onions.

Mystery Green

I picked up a bunch of long, thin green leaves and inhaled. The smell was intoxicating, somewhere between coriander and curry leaves. I asked the farmer what it was and he said something that I didn’t understand. He made a frustrated gesture and said, “Salads, good for salads.” I was sold.

But now I want to know what it is. Can anyone identify my mystery green?

Mystery Green

In other news, a vine from my neighbors backyard is growing up the fire escape and trying to tendril itself around my tomatoes. It looks familiar and yet slightly dangerous. I keep trying to train it away from my ‘maters, which don’t seem to be in any hurry to flower or produce fruit.

Mystery Vine

Can anyone identify my mystery vine?

Mystery Vine

In other garden news, that pretty black kitty up there is one of the members of the Four Freds. That’s Black Fred. There’s also Original Fred, Fuzzy Fred and Tuxedo Fred (nee Black Fred). I love having them around, it’s like having my own personal anti-squirrel infantry.

Back with real posts and real cooking soon enough, but for now, I send my virtual thanks to anyone that can help me out!