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Just Peachy

13 Jul

A real quick hit before the weekend.

Bay Ridge From Above

Do try and get yourself up on a roof this weekend if at all possible. Or to a park. Or to a backyard.

Peaches & Melons

And if the fruit where you live is as incredible as the fruit is here in New York this summer, go grab some, buy a little prosciutto, or jamon, or whatever cured pork product you can find, and wrap it around something!

Prosciutto & Melon

We all know and love melon with prosciutto, but what about porky peaches? Possibly even better if you can believe that!

Peaches Love Prosciutto

So I ask you… What’s your favorite thing to wrap prosciutto around?

Happy weekend ya’ll!

Be on the lookout for some “firecrackers” around here early next week.