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I Can Haz Pickles?

17 Jul

Where would I be without the Internet?


Obviously, this blog wouldn’t exist. I wouldn’t have a job. I’d have to glean useless knowledge from books and I probably wouldn’t laugh as much on a daily basis as I currently do.

My friends and I, like most people, enjoy a certain amount of, what shall we call it, the sending of links? Not to the annoying level (I hope) of say, my aunt who likes to send out those stupid emails that ask you to think of a number and concentrate really hard, blah, blah, blah.

No, I prefer to think that our link sending has a certain level of sophistication, that it serves an international purpose, that we’re trying to educate ourselves by drinking from the font of interweb knowledge and exploring new levels of social discourse. What? You’re not buying this? Okay. Fine. I’ll admit it. Yes, there is a lot of CO and LOLcatz. There. Are you happy now? So embarrassed…


Recently I sent a link to a food product I’m sure you will all be very shocked to hear I’d like to try, Pickle Sickles, to my pickle-loving (but not that much) friend and possible BBQ-crawl co-conspirator Dave. After he made several IM-speak icky noises he sent me back this link saying they’re his favorite and that the Boy and I should try them and that I’m demented for ever even thinking of eating frozen pickle brine. Some people will just never understand picklemania…

And so, with three bunches of baby carrots leftover from the Independence Day cookout that got rained out moldering away in the fridge the Boy and I made Firecrackers. Of course, I couldn’t stick to Alton‘s recipe. I mean, who keeps onion powder, or for that matter, white sugar, around the house anyway?

Ann's Summer Sparklers

I mixed and substituted and boiled and washed and packed and poured and cooled and then chilled our little carrots. And then we waited. And waited. Three or four whole days we waited. Finally, it was time. We cracked the lid and gingerly pulled one out.

And how were they? So good. So very, very good. Corgi puppy levels of good. Disapproving Rabbits levels of good. And yes, even Dramatic Chipmunk levels of good.

Ann's Summer Sparklers

They’re spicy, tangy, crunchy and just ever so slightly sweet. So go on, make yourself some Firecrackers, or, better yet, some of my Summer Sparklers or if you prefer cucumbers, try some of Lisa’s Dilly Guys. Just get on it and bottle yourself some of this amazing summer produce.

Or, if you really must, you can pickle some sausages.


That might be taking it just a little too far, even for me!

Head below the jump for the recipe for Ann’s Summer Sparklers.

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