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27 Feb

Time seems to be jumping all over me these days.

Snow, Reflection

I start each day fully intending to finish every last thing on my list. And then, by the time I get home, if I’ve got one thing crossed off that list, I’m satisfied. I’m sure every one of you out there is nodding your heads, thinking to yourself, “Yep, Ann, that sounds like life!”

Snow, Shadows

So I hope you’ll all sympathize with me when I admit two things; that a. I never found the time to get a “real” post together this week, and b. I completely and utterly missed the fact that The Granny Cart is now two years old. How did that happen? I have no idea. Time, she’s gotten the better of me.


It’s kind of embarrassing to follow-up what has to be my favorite post ever (and someone very special feels the same) with such a cop out, but, I just haven’t been able to find the time or intelligence to come up with anything exciting, funny or even resembling English to share with you this week.


So, until I find a moment of stillness in which to cogitate and write, go enjoy this post on My New York chock full of pretty pictures from our recent snowfall.

Sometimes it’s best to let images do the talking.