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Mountain Time

14 Nov

Merry Christmas!

Er. Uhm. No.  Happy Thanksgiving?  Yeah, no, that’s not right either.  Let’s see… Happy Election Day… No… That’s over too… As is daylight savings time… Hmm.  How about Happy Friday! Yeah, there we go.  Having “Christmas” at the beginning of November can be very discombobulating!  It’s also a lot of fun.

We arrived in Denver and headed straight for the mountains after a stop in Boulder for provisions where we were followed around a Whole Foods by Queen Elizabeth the First and her consort. (Okay, not really, but there were two people in renaissance costumes trailing us the whole time we were in the store, which is also discombobulating when you’ve just arrived in a place with a whole lot less oxygen in the air than you’re used to).

Colorado fills me with wild fantasies which grow more vivid with every trip.  By the end of this visit I was ready to ditch my life in New York and buy a pickup truck, a little cabin in the mountains, some snowshoes and trusty dog.  I would wake up every morning and run up and down mountains for fun, and then support us by making endless batches of peach jam to sell to clueless New Yorkers who have never had a Colorado peach.

Isaac’s mother’s neighbor gave her a little jar of this jam that I greedily inhaled at every opportunity.  I swear, I don’t think I have ever tasted anything more delicious in my entire life.  It pulsated with the radiance of summer.  With each bite of my morning’s toast it was like I could feel the luscious peach juices dripping down my chin.

But that wasn’t the only fruit that starred in our long “holiday” weekend.  There were also apples that Isaac and I brought along from upstate.  I roasted them with pork, and added them to a cider and maple glaze and tossed them with green beans and pecans for our “Christmas” dinner.  There wasn’t a chance they could ever be as wonderful as the peaches, but they definitely stood their own.

It was nerve-wracking cooking for another family who’s culinary likes and dislikes I wasn’t privy to, but I think it all went well.  Most plates were shiny clean by the end of dinner.

And then, after another hike and some glorious views and a dinner out for green chili and excellent beans, it was time to come back to New York.  I was sad, but I missed my house, and my coworkers missed me.  But, I’ve got a plan to score more of that peach jam… Next year, I’m going to make some jam from the high bush blackberries in the backyard and broker a trade.

If I can’t live in Colorado, I’m going to damn well ensure a steady supply of Colorado peach jam!

Head below the jump for the recipes for An Apple Feast, Fit For “Christmas.”

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