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Good, Hard Work

16 Apr


So sorry about that, leaving you without a new post for a week.  I hope that if you celebrated a holiday, it was full of fun and family and food.

And if you didn’t celebrate a holiday, I hope that you at least celebrated spring, because if New York is a state to judge spring’s springiness by, spring, she has sprung!

In the past spring has always meant renewal to me; flowers and birds and rabbits.  But this year? Spring is all about pain.

My muscles haven’t stopped aching for weeks.  Up at the house we have been doing a lot of hard, back-breaking work.  We are trying our damnedest to rescue the garden from the encroachment of nature. You see, our garden was carved out of a high bush blackberry patch and neglected for at least one summer, if not two.  And to top it all off, its enormous space was very badly used.

Working hard, or hardly working? Find out below the fold.