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New York From A Rooftop

20 Sep

The Empire State Building is a little blurry, but it’s still so pretty.

It’s green for the 70th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, but some Iranian activists see it as a rallying point and a sign that America is with them and not Ahmadinejad as the U.N. General Assembly rolls into town.

I think I like their idea better.


The Cottage

20 Sep

Early Sunday morning Isaac asked me, “Do you want pancakes for breakfast?”

I honestly hadn’t gotten that far, to the point of deciding what I wanted to eat that morning so I just brushed him off and carried on with my puttering in the garden.  Then he brought it up again, “So, you do want pancakes for breakfast, right?”

I can be epically dense in the morning but I was beginning to take the hint.  “Yes, yes I do want pancakes.  Why don’t we try that place over on the edge of East Chatham, The Cottage,” I suggested.

So we jumped in the car and headed through Old Chatham, past the Sheepherding Farm and turned into a dusty parking lot in front of an old low-slung building with frilly, frothy curtains.  The decor is exactly what you would expect, wood paneled walls, the aforementioned curtains, lots of yellow and bright blue, big plastic soda glasses from the 80s and slightly sticky tabletops–but the food is just a bit more than what it should be.

English muffin bread, pastrami surprise and more below the break.