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12th Street

26 Aug

I started a little project that will soon be coming to an end.

When we moved our offices into the Forbes building a few months ago I was shocked by how beautiful West 12th Street is.

Head below the jump for a very buried lede.

The Slow Road

12 Aug

Last weekend we took a road trip.

We drove up to the house late Friday and then early Saturday morning we hopped in the car and headed for Lake Winnepesauke in New Hampshire.  Originally when we looked at the map, we both groaned a little.  Take I-90. Take I-91. Take I-89. Take I-93. Or conversely, take I-95!  Where’s the fun in spending 10 hours in a car when all you’re doing is speeding along at 70 miles per hour.

Sometimes fast is fun. Other times call for slow.


8 Aug

Well lookit that! I can grow tomatoes!

We just got back from a whirlwind 18-hour trip to Wolfeboro, N.H. (More on that later. What a trip!) and this is what we found waiting for us.

My mind reels … Pasta? Salad? BLTs? Eat them one-by-one out of hand?

Click through to see who’s who. And feel free to share your tomato triumphs and ideas in the comments.

And for more on the tomato chronicles click here and here.

Brilliant Big Wolf

5 Aug

Another year, another trip north, to the Adirondacks.  And now that I’m looking at this year’s photos, I’m also noticing that this trip was in Technicolor!

Color! Color! Color! More below the jump.