The Slow Road

12 Aug

Last weekend we took a road trip.

We drove up to the house late Friday and then early Saturday morning we hopped in the car and headed for Lake Winnepesauke in New Hampshire.  Originally when we looked at the map, we both groaned a little.  Take I-90. Take I-91. Take I-89. Take I-93. Or conversely, take I-95!  Where’s the fun in spending 10 hours in a car when all you’re doing is speeding along at 70 miles per hour.

So, we took the slow road. We got lost. And in the end we ended up spending far more than 10 hours in the car and we enjoyed it.

There were charming villages, church fairs, farm stands, rusted-out school buses, covered bridges, ghost diners, tourist traps, scenic vistas, farmers making hay, put-put courses, hairpin turns, custard stands and happy dogs.  It was a lovely drive.

And at one end: My cousin’s wedding in a barn straight-out of a bucolic fairy tale.  At the other end: Tomatoes.

It was a good trip.


One Response to “The Slow Road”

  1. Julia August 13, 2010 at 7:26 pm #

    Just caught up on your last few posts. I feel like I just took a mini-trip to NH and the Adirondacks. Lucky me! And your tomatoes are stunning. Just stunning.

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