Never Bite The Hike That Feeds You

2 Sep

It was Isaac’s birthday on Sunday.

I had to give him his birthday present a month early so that I would have a kayaking friend up in the Adirondacks.  So for his actual birthday I declared it an Isaac-gets-to-do-whatever-he-wants weekend. Lucky for me that meant kayaking, lamb burgers and a really nice hike.

Isaac loves, above all else, hikes that feed him along the way.  There are a few that he holds in reverential awe: Mt. Alander with it’s mountaintop of blueberries, Big Wolf where it just might be possible to have a four-berry walk (blue, black, rasp and straw) and now Hand Hollow.

Hand Hollow is a conservation area maintained by Columbia Land Conservancy.  It is an exceedingly lovely trail, especially when accessed from the Gale Hill Road entrance. It’s the sort of trail that, halfway through, we were already thinking about the next time and how beautiful it will be in fall and how great it would be for snowshoeing and how gorgeous it will be in spring. It’s a four-season trail, and it feeds you.

First we came across an old apple tree, and then another, and then another simply dripping in apples. We grabbed one and bit. It was delicious! And then, my eagle-eyed husband spotted some highbush blueberries and finally some blackberries.

Isaac was smitten. And when I giggled at his culinary-hike reverie he mumbled the words that have become this post’s title, “Never bit the hike that feeds you!”


One Response to “Never Bite The Hike That Feeds You”

  1. Greedy Rosie September 2, 2010 at 5:25 pm #

    How beautiful, lucky you.
    On my ‘hike’ to work, I’ve been relying on (Slightly polluted) blackberries for breakfast but the season is mostly over now here. We might not get much foraging, but you have inspired me to take my boy for a nice walk this weekend.

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