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On Cameras

22 Jul

Anyone who is a regular (or even just occasional) visitor here can probably figure out quite quickly that I like taking pictures.

And it’s true. I do.

I recently went through a few weeks of withdrawal when I sent my beloved G9 back to Canon. It felt like a little piece of me had gone missing. I still had the little Casio Exilim I carry everywhere in my purse, and we spent some quality time together, but I was frustrated by its limitations. It’s a good camera for taking quick shots on my daily commute, but lacks the flexibility I have come to rely upon in my Canon.  Thankfully, though, my Canon came back just in time for our trip to Palm Springs, and all was well.

My love affair with cameras is an old one, first kindled in adolescence by 4-H.  Our club leader had a friend with a dark room, so he convinced him to teach us some photographic basics and how to develop our own photos.  Each kid had to supply their own camera though, and my father gave me the beautiful Asahi SLR that he had bought in Asia when he was on a tour during the early days of the Vietnam War.

On memory.

Short & Sweet

23 Sep

I’m back, and I’ve got a little something up my sleeve.

Shorter, sweeter, lighters posts, and more of them.  I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about why I was having trouble keeping the Granny Cart fresh, and it came down to one thing: length.  The posts were too long, too ponderous.  I felt heavy thinking about them and trying to write them.  I felt constrained by their length and the necessity of keeping photos on a theme.  So I’ve chopped that up completely and given the site a new spin.

And so you’ll find a little post about peppers, and one about a fuzzy new friend, there’s a brief little vignette from a funny little restaurant, a view of the city from a friend’s rooftop and how scars heal in the garden. There’s also a jig of a recipe for eating a novel part of the Brussels sprout and photos from a paddle I took in my new kayak where I spied on an Osprey.

I hope you like the new feel.  It’s early goings for me, but so far, I’m liking it a whole lot.  Please let me know what you think.