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Wine In The Garden

20 Mar

Wine Garden

Somewhere over on the border of Gowanus and Boerum Hill (I can’t remember where exactly) lives a genius gardener who may not have figured out how to use all those wine corks she’s been saving, but rather how to use the wine bottles.

Gowanus Canal

Ah, the Gowanus Canal.  No seals or bodies this day.

Boerum Hill Church

I can’t remember the name of this Roman Catholic church in Boerum Hill on Hoyt between DeGraw and Sackett, but check out how many people that live behind it have swimming pools!

It’s keeping up with the Jonses gone wild.

Angels In The Belfry

14 Dec

St. Mark's In The Bowery

St. Mark’s-In-The-Bowery is, according to One Thousand New York Buildings, the second-oldest church on Manhattan. It sits on the corner of 2nd Ave and E 10th St. near Stuyvesant Street, the only street on the island that actually runs on an east-west axis.

Good old Peter Stuyvesant’s own personal chapel once stood at this location, and the old codger is buried here himself, as are many members of his family. I guess this used to be a very fashionable church, but these days you’re more likely to see gawking tourists or sad homeless men loitering about than an actual congregant.

St. Mark's In The Bowery

Regardless, I love to sit on one of the park benches in the plaza in front of the church and soak up the sun while sipping coffee on a beautiful, sunny Sunday.