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Curry In A Hurry

19 Sep

My first “apartment” in New York was near Gramercy Park.

Sadly, it wasn’t near enough in physical or mental location for me to have been granted a key to this urban oasis.  From our perch in Philadelphia, the apartment was marketed to my roommate and I as a dorm room for SVA.  What it actually was was a room in an SRO.

It wasn’t bad, the room was clean and in a good location, but the other residents were, uhm, a little sketchy.  And, as you may guess, it was inevitable really, that the union of wide-eyed newcomers and crusty, down-at-the-heel hardened New Yorkers led to someone getting robbed.

I will forever treasure the look on the one policeman’s face as he digested my reply to his question; “Were there any identifying characteristics to your laptop?” “Oh yeah! It was covered in glow-in-the-dark stars and fuzzy duckie stickers!”  Ah, youth!

So, there I was, even broker than I had started out, with 2-day-a-week internship and a 5-day-a-week $10-an-hour retail job.  But! At least I was in New York.  And, best of all, I was near the beating heart of cheap food in Manhattan, Curry Hill.

I have always loved curry, even the sort that comes out of a packet, but my tastebuds had become more sophisticated during a stint of sharing cooking duties in a co-op dorm with an honest to goodness girl from northern India.  She taught me so much.  And so when I ate curry in New York, I always aimed for the most sophisticated and authentic place I could afford.

Sadly, this was nearly always Curry In A Hurry.  Aside from the cute name, and truth in advertising (the food really does come out quickly), there’s not that much to recommend the place other than its extreme cheapness.  But, it kept me fed, and that’s what really counts.

Happily, I’ve come a long way since those days, and I now prefer to make my own curry whenever possible.  One of the things Isaac and I miss the most about our weekends in the City is the diversity of food available to us at all times.  So this past weekend, when we were both craving something a little adventurous, we settled on making a gorgeous, soothing, balanced squash curry.

This might be the healthiest thing I’ve ever cooked what with the fake meat, kefir (my new addiction), nuts, turmeric and spices, and it might also be the tastiest.  This is a home run recipe; it’s balanced, soothing, invigorating, comforting and best of all gosh darn tasty.

So, if you know someone that, like me, works in financial news, or at a bank, or for the government, or in any aspect of the world that touches the global financial system, they probably need a hug and a bowl of something warm and steamy after this past week.

So do him or her a favor and make them some curry.  And then let them sit on the couch and stare blankly at the wall.  It’s been a rough week!

Head below the jump for Ann’s Sweet & Spicy Squash Curry.

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