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Kip, Spirit and Thumby Fred

12 Sep

I got to spend a whole day with two of my favorite boys, Kip and Spirit, when Keep Chatham Farming hosted an Open Farm day.

I hung out with Kip, a Quarter Horse rescued from Claremont Stables, and Spirit a rescued Saddlebred, all day. Though the weather was less than ideal I was rarely alone and spent the entire day trying to keep Spirit from chewing on me while chatting with the dozens of horse lovers that strolled through to see all the now happy, healthy horses, donkeys, mules, ponies and llamalpacas that Equine Advocates has saved.

And then at one point during the day, the barn manager’s orange cat came to hang out with us, too. I have dubbed him Thumby Fred.

Do you really need to ask why?


Things I’m Loving

6 Jul

It’s been a very easy summer to complain about.

The weather has been dreadful and the hours at work long and exhausting, and that has meant that finding the time to keep the Granny Cart up to date has been nearly impossible.  I begin a post and then it sits for a week, sometimes two, until I find the time to complete it.  And then, when the post is finally done, it’s nowhere near as good as I had hoped it would be.

So, in an attempt to not dwell on the negative, allow me to paraphrase Juliet:

Swear not about the rain, the near constant rain, that daily changes good dirt to mud, lest my prose prove likewise dour.

In a move that may surprise those that know me in real life, I’d like to stop complaining for a minute, and focus on the good things, because in the rare moments when the rain has stopped, it’s actually been quite an awesome summer.

So, in no particular order, Things I’m Loving, Summer 2009.

The Red Barn‘s Tiny ‘Tinis. 2 oz Martinis. Perfect in both concept and execution.

I swear, not all the things I’m loving this summer have to do with booze! So head below the jump to check out the rest, and to let us know what’s been keeping you happy this summer, too.