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Around The Edges

3 Jun

On Monday, I went paddling on Kinderhook Lake.

It should have been a bit naive of me to expect the lake to be serene, peaceful and calm on the first weekend of Summer, but honestly it just never occurred to me.  Why was it naive?  Because it’s the very same lake that I spent countless weekends on as a kid, zooming around behind my father’s speedboat–clutching, grasping onto an inflatable raft–screaming and giggling and panting for breath.  Two decades later, little has changed.  So I stuck to the edges.

What happens when New Yorkers leave New York? Bad things … for turtles!

The Osprey

19 Sep

I spent Saturday chasing, and being chased by a hunting osprey.

I think he was migrating.  He never looked totally comfortable with the perches he chose at intervals on Kinderhook Lake.  Sometimes he would take a break and watch me in my little blue kayak.

I like to imagine that he was trying to figure out why this floating, bobbing thing insisted on peering at him through the viewfinder of my camera.

Other times he would tail me as I headed for another nook of the lake.

And then twice I watched him dive ohsoveryquickly and surface from the water with a silvered, squirming fish between his talons.  Then he would fly off to another tree and feast on his treat before tailing me again.

It was a very good afternoon.