Drizzle Drops

5 Jan

Rainy New Year

Thanks to Bette Midler, yes, that Bette Midler, the community gardens of New York survive and thrive.  These gems, usually located on abandoned lots in what used to be low-income neighborhoods like the East Village and Lower East Side, were once in danger of being sold off to the highest bidder.  And then, yes, Bette stepped in and saved the day.

This is one of those gardens in the East Village on New Year’s Day.  I can’t remember which of the three on this block it is specifically, but I think it might be the Earth People garden.

And why are these gardens important?  They provide peace, quiet and serenity in the middle of chaos.  They’re a great place to read and bird-watch, have a little picnic or just sit and think.  I can’t imagine the city without them!


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